Alumni News March 2017
Passing the Torch
March 26, 2017

After six years of helming the Alumni Association, I am stepping down from the president's role. It has been a rewarding and enriching experience for me, and I'm glad to have helped the chapter navigate the crisis-recovery after the 2010 hazing allegations scandal.

Alas, I need a break, and Delta Phi needs a younger (and better-looking) alumni president to lead us, haha :) 

So, what did we get done these last six years? Well, with the help of many good men, our board nudged and cajoled the alumni and active chapter to implement practical and philosophical refinements that improved our operations. We now have an alumni Sergeant-at-Arms, an alumni Risk Mgmt Officer, and an alumni Mentorship Coordinator. We've codified expectations for member conduct. We've tightened the controls on rituals, and we've reduced the random aspects of our big weekends. We've institutionalized philanthropy as part of our chapter constitution. We've successfully piloted education programs in anti-hazing, anti-gender-based violence, and pro-values-based leadership. We've implemented the wireframe of risk management and risk-minded governance controls. Our external relations with the Dean of Students and other Greek societies have made noteworthy strides. And we've improved the stewardship of our social media and internal I.T. communication tools use. 

And yes, we successfully completed our 5-yr suspension and probation requirements with the University. We are now full-fledged student society again.

Beyond these improvements and refinements, we've been rebuildilng the memory transfer conduits that were lost during the post-crisis recovery time. Old traditions continue to be judiciously reinforced, while new traditions are being blended into Delta Phi's mindset (just like the blended flavours of Sanctioned Punch). 

I have now moved into the role of Past President/Chapter Advisor. I will continue volunteering as a leader and behind-the-scenes helper; you will just not see me organizing DKE events or authoring newsletters or corporate communications after today.

The role of Alumni Association president is now vacant. I am hoping that a younger alumnus with a forward-thinking mindset will step up and help lead the alumni association and be our communication hub. Someone who is good at building bridges, change management communications, and rolling up their sleeves to work alongside fellow Dekes. If you're interested, give me a shout; I will certainly help you with a soft landing and as many tools and memories as I can pass forward from my six years in the chair.

It has been an honour and a privilege! I am very grateful for all the energy and brotherly love that my fellow Deke volunteers have brought to the table to make these last six years successful!


Paul Gil, Delta Phi Class of 1987

AGM 2017 Attendance, Mar 26, 2017
In attendance
  1. Julian Power
  2. Sean Brown
  3. Paul Gil
  4. Mack Saunders
  5. Chris Serafin
  6. Kelly Butz
  7. Conor Enns
  8. Mark Bieber
  9. Nick Zarft
  10. Jesse Fontaine  (non-voting)
  11. Brad Gilks (non-voting)
  12. Andrew Reaburn  (non-voting)
  13. Dennis Ruduke  (non-voting)
  14. Rory Storm 
  15. Sean Brown

Proxy Voters (in absentia)
  1. Cameron Kerr
  2. James Day
  3. Shawn Day
  4. Lucas Palamarek
  5. Dwight Bliss
  6. Wade Johnston
  7. Tyson Hallan
  8. Jay-D McLean
  9. Mike Thomas
Your Alumni Association board for 2017
(elected by vote on March 26, 2017)

  1.  President (vacant)
  2. Past President / Chapter Advisor: Paul Gil
  3. Treasurer/Secretary: Chris Serafin
  4. Active Chapter Beta: Mack Saunders
  5. Director at Large: Julian Power
  6. Director at Large: Conor Enns
  7. Director at Large: Lucas Palamarek
  8. Director at Large: Mike Thomas
  9. Director at Large: Sean Brown
  10. Director at Large: Tyson Hallan
  11. Director at Large: Kelly Butz
  12. Director at Large: Mark Bieber
  13. Director at Large:  Andre Despins
  14. Director at Large: JD McLean
  15. Ex-officio member: Shawn Day (chapter Kappa)
  16. Ex-officio member: Nick Mamchur (chapter rush chair)
  17. Ex-officio member: Jesse Fontaine (chapter Sigma)

Your Housing Associaton board for 2017
(elected by vote on March 26, 2017)

  1.  President: James Day
  2.  Secretary/Treasurer: Cameron Kerr
  3. Director at Large: Sean Brown
  4. Director at Large: Shawn Day
  5. Director at Large: Conor Enns
  6. Director at Large: Michael Thomas
  7. Ex-officio member: Mackenzie Saunders (chapter Beta)
  8. Ex-officio member: Jesse Fontaine (chapter Sigma)
Key DKE Issues and Opportunities, 2017
  1. Critical: We need to replace the aging roof *urgently*.
  2. Critical: Securing private funding for the roofing
  3. Important: Installing the new camera security system
  4. Important: renewing the front door and its latching
  5. Important: replacing dysfunctional kitchen ranges
  6. Important: drainage snaking
  7. Opportunity: reinstituting Horse Night or piloting a new alumni social event for September 2017 (i.e. family-friendly September BBQ)
  8. Opportunity: alumni social while the active chapter is away to their spring formal
  9. Sustainment: we need to continue the risk management, philanthropy, education, and memory transfer routines that we've built in the last six years.
  10. Growth: we need to engage the 30-something chapter alumni who and build their connections with the active chapter

Next Alumni / DPHA Meeting
The DPFF and DPHA will meet in April 2017 to generate solution options to critical housing repairs and renewals the September social event need.

Watch for news and dates from Treasurer Cam Kerr 
Request: Alumni Please Attend Monday Chapter Meetings
Having supportive alumni present at chapter meetings makes a big difference to the actives: it shows the inter-generational power of our society.

If you can afford 90 minutes to attend chapter meeting, please do!


Chapter President:

Chapter Rush Chair:

Chapter VP: