'Rushing' is about meeting fraternity people,
and deciding if fraternity life is for you

Deke Rush for Fall 2017

Rush is an exciting process of mutual selection where potential recruits meet fraternity members.
It is named for the frenzied scurrying on large campuses, where hundreds of recruits rush between fraternity house parties and social events. Sometimes rush is done twice a year, in September and in January.  More commonly, rush is done once in the fall. 
Each university, and each fraternity, approaches rush in their own way.  In Edmonton, rush is not nearly as frantic as the massive American campuses can be.  The DKE rush at the University of Alberta runs from August to October.

Here at the U of Alberta, there are 11 men's fraternities and 6 women's sororities .
There is a loose federation of cross-fraternity organizers in Edmonton who strive to help to unify their recruitment efforts.  But ultimately, each fraternity recruits in their own manner, and you'll need multiple points of contact to meet all the fraternities. 
At Delta Kappa Epsilon, our rush process is very relaxed. We believe that personal interaction and meaningful dialog are the best way to find a good community fit.  We want recruits to meet our members in a safe and friendly environment, where people can just be themselves and enjoy each other's company.
 (This is Nick, our rush chairman)
If you are a social and outgoing person, rushing DKE is very straightforward.

1) Introduce yourself to Brother Nick Mamchur our rush chairman ,  by using the form below. ​​
Nick will add your name to our list of interested recruit candidates for DKE.
2) Attend two or three events to meet the lads and build some bridges.  You'd be surprised how friendly and open we are!

3) Be yourself.  
It's the best way to find out if DKE is for you!
Remember: a room full of strangers is always uncomfortable for the first 30 minutes.  But be courageous... 30 minutes of discomfort could potentially turn into lifetime friendships!
Rush recruits - send us an introductory message so rush chairman Nick can invite you to our next meet and greet!
Your Name
What is your faculty and year of study at U of A?
Email or phone to contact you
If the above form does not work, you can reach Nick via these contact details:
​780 964 7034

Get social
DKE encourages all our recruits
to check out the other men's fraternities

We Dekes want you to meet the good guys from Zeta Psi , Delta Upsilon , Fiji Pikes , Delta Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha , Phi Delta Theta , Farmhouse , Kappa Sigma , and  Theta Chi . These fraternities all offer great benefits, and they all have standout members worth meeting. 
Ultimately, we Dekes want you to find a society that really fits you.  Since each fraternity offers similar organizational benefits, the real question is whom you connect with the most and whom you most identify with.  We'd like you to choose DKE, but we also want you to choose your fraternity with open eyes and no regrets.  If you find that your personality is more in keeping with the culture of Zeta Psi or Delta Chi or another fraternity, then all is good, and we'll be happy that you found a good fit!