About Fraternity Life
Much more than what the media portrays.

"Become friends with people who aren't your age.
Hang out with people whose first language isn't the same as yours.
Get to know someone who doesn't come from your social class.
This is how you see the world. This is how you grow."
It's about breaking out of your bubble...
'The Fraternity Advantage' Is So Much More than Animal House Fun.
There are two common misconceptions that the public has about greek letter societies:

1) They are all 'animal house' party clubs.

2) They are all about paying money to make friends.

Both of these misconceptions are grossly inaccurate. 
Certainly, fraternities like to host parties.  And yes, members pay dues each year. But fraternities are much more than simple partying. Your yearly fraternity dues support housing and insurance. And friendships are not guaranteed in the price of admission   (yes, friendships are something you need to personally earn).
So, What Are Fraternities About, Then?
Fraternities are non-profit groups bound together by shared values and the desire to improve each other's lives. The purpose of every fraternity is to inspire civic engagement and lifelong friendships among its members.
Fraternity life is about breaking out of your childhood bubble. It's about personal growth and being around others who were raised differently than you.  It's about cultivating your ability to influence others through a thousand different chances to cooperate, lead, and follow.  It's real-lilfe sandboxing that we call "the Fraternity Advantage."
Through your greek letter society, you will practice your group leadership, your public speaking, your entrepreneurship and your special event project management skills.  You will build your self-confidence by interacting with people you would never otherwise meet.  
Most of all: through your fraternity, you will  challenge your views of the world through the company of people who are very different from you.  
Greek letter fraternities are human networks that yield benefits in direct proportion to the effort you invest in them. If you are looking to passively consume the benefits like dining at a restaurant, then you will be disappointed.  But, if you are a joiner who wants to exert your energies to influence others, then you will probably enjoy fraternity life! 
At their core, fraternities are microcosms of campuses... a means to shrink a university from 70,000 people down to 70. University life can be really impersonal, so fraternities really help in making human connections easier during this transitional stage of life.

Indeed, fraternities are social networks... with much more tangible value than virtual social media  The personal ties you make through greek life can easily grow into lifelong friendships and professional contacts that will serve you for decades.

Through greek life, you will meet people from different backgrounds and university programs. These people can help you as peer mentors, and challenge you to look at life in different ways. The emotional intelligence and cultural awareness that comes from greek life is immeasureable!
Academically, greek members have a real advantage:  their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters have collectively taken most every academic course, and can act as guides and translators to help you develop your study skills and focus on the core areas to succeed with your book life.
Beyond the classroom, fraternity people can provide invaluable guidance in the different ways to lead and organize groups, to manage special-event projects, and to coordinate volunteers. Because fraternity people are group-minded by nature, their company is a leadership sandbox that will give you more organizational influence skills than any classroom course you could ever take!

Remember: when you enter the fraternity life, you are participating in something that includes the greek community as a whole, and the many years of life after you graduate. That's a large gene pool of team-minded people, and the networking can be invaluable.
That's  what we call the 'fraternity advantage'!