Why Join DKE?
What sets DKE apart from all the other fraternities? We're glad you asked...
Dekes Don't Use Shallow Criteria
to Select Our Recruits.
We are very pluralistic at DKE .  We  don't believe in cookie cutters, and we certainly aren't snobs.
We don't care how much money your family has, or if you were a cool kid in high school.  We don't care what you look like, what car you drive, or how many friends you have on Facebook.
What we do care about is that you are a courageous and self-possessed man who:
  1. keeps your word, like a true gentleman,
  2. is of keen mind, like a modern day scholar,
  3. builds bridges to others, as a jolly good fellow should,
  4. wants to contribute volunteer effort to the group,
  5. and is worthy of trust and respect.
If that's you, please give us a shout and introduce yourself!
p.s. snobs, bigots, racists, haters, liars, narcissists, opportunists, super-jocks, and namby-pambys need not apply.
Dekes Are Bold. 
They Are Men of Influence
and Proven Success. 
That's Good Energy to Be Around.
Dekes are a definitely a spirited lot who love to leave their mark on the world. 

DKE is a smaller fraternity of 85,000 initiates, yet Delta Kappa Epsilon has produced some of the most influential men in history, and our members have risen to the highest echelons of success in business, politics, sports, science, engineering, the arts, and philanthropy. 

We Provided Sustained Leadership
Through Alumni
and Inter-Generational Support: 
DKE is much more than a ‘college years’ social club; Deke is something that will be part of you for the rest of your life.
The most enduring aspect of being a Deke is your connection to DKE alumni. These are influential men who are established in the workforce and community: lawyers, physicians, engineers, teachers, I.T. professionals, military officers and NCO's, social activists, authors, artists, professors, research scientists, entrepreneurs .
These older members of DKE come back to contribute time and volunteerism to the chapter, even decades after they have finished their undergrad studies.  These are men who will help you get a job, or possibly even work with you one day.  This sustained leadership and cultural memory from decades of successful men is of immeasureable value! 
Dekes are men of influence and connections.  
Much of their leadership skill comes from
their volunteer time with Delta Kappa Epsilon.  If you enjoy learning from older generations, you're going to really enjoy our DKE alumni network.
Dekes Have Worked Hard for Years
to Pay for Our Own Fraternity House.
It took us decades of volunteering and fundraising, but we did it:  we raised seven figures, we bought two adjacent lots, and we built our own house, just off campus on 87 avenue.
The DKE house is the biggest greek society housing at the U of A.
While a big house by itself doesn't mean anything, it is evidence of the years of cooperative hard work we Dekes have invested to grow our community and make ourselves financially independent.
Our chapter continues to sustain itself through fundraising and smart investments in our infrastructure and financial future.
We Want You to Balance
Your Life Experiences as a Deke
Most fraternities have a niche. Some fraternities are socially-focused  ('country club'), some are more athletically-oriented ('jocks'), some revolve around academia  ('scholars'). At Delta Kappa Epsilon, we defy these kind of niches.  Despite the labels that people put on us, DKE is a multi-dimensional and pluralistic society which does not subscribe to any single niche. 

We believe balance, pluralism, and courage are the keys to a successful university experience.
Yes, we work hard to maintain a fine level of academic achievement, with study nights and mentorship available to our members.
Yes, we participate in nearly every university intramural sports league, from football to soccer to our renowned hockey team.
We also spend time giving back to the community through charitable work, such as working with Habitat for Humanity year-round.
And of course, we let loose in style; throwing our renowned parties, like Toga Party and the Halloween Maze Party. 

We're an eclectic bunch with eclectic interests. If you are a man of spirit, courage, and multi-dimensional character, there's definitely something for you at DKE. 
Yes, Dekes will make you study. Our weekly study night and our internal mentorship programs are very helpful to undergraduate members!
Bro. Tyson recently passed the Alberta Bar.  We are very proud of his hard work!  
Bromantic Dekes Mitch and Cody finished their undergrad degrees at U of Alberta.  Mitch is now studying to be a doctor, and Cody is studying at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.
Most of All:
The Immeasureable Value of Camaraderie,
Friendship, and Brotherly Affection
Ask any  Deke who is over 40 years old: "oh, you were a Deke?"
And they will always respond to you "I still am a Deke. Always will be".
It's this enduring passion and strong feeling that is the real payoff with being a fraternity man, and in particular, being a Deke.  Especially if you grew up without having biological brothers:  having dozens of adopted brothers is an emotionally rewarding part of life that you will not experience as a lone wolf.  
We do many pragmatic things at DKE.  We network, we help each other get jobs, we provide career mentorship to each other.  We foster professional connections. We offer a strong referral system for business development after university.  We coach public speaking, democratic process, special event project management, non-profit governance.  And we even help men learn to cook better.
But without exception, every great Deke will tell you that their favorite part of the fraternity is the emotional reward of the relationships and the shared achievements.  That sentimental, irrational, warm-fire-in-your-belly feeling of having improved someone else's life, while also having had your own life profoundly enriched by the company of adopted siblings, experiencing life as a shared adventure.
Brotherly affection and emotional enrichment: this is the part of fraternity life that defies logic, and defies explanation.  And it sounds so sappy when you write it on a web page.
But truth be told:  if you're the kind of man who would be a good Deke, then you'll fully understand what we're saying here.
If this resonates with you at all, then click on the 'Rush' link at the bottom of this page and give us a call! 
The objects of Delta Kappa Epsilon are:
The cultivation of general literature and social culture,
The advancement and encouragement of intellectual excellence,
The promotion of honorable friendship and useful citizenship,
The development of a spirit of tolerance and respect for the rights and views of others,
The maintenance of gentlemanly dignity, self-respect, and morality in all circumstances, and
The union of stout hearts and kindred interests, to secure to merit its due reward.